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Our specialty is combining our values with world-class architects, designers, engineers and artisans to build custom homes and home renovations in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach and Palos Verdes Estates. Through our time serving the community, these partnerships are what produce one-of-a-kind quality on every project.

Tom Hawkes put together his vision for what a family-operated business should run on: trust, integrity, respect and commitment.

How We Do It

We begin by creating a close partnership with our client, engineers, architects and designers to put the vision on paper. In order for our clients to instill trust in us, we maintain a strict open-book policy. Because of this, clients have access to all documentation, subcontractors and vendors involved in the project.

Our integrity as a company is based strongly on teamwork. Our own staff of artisans focusing on carpentry, cabinetmaking and painting allow for more efficient time management and higher-quality results. Although we take pride in our own work, none of this could be possible without the A-class subcontractors we partner with.

The commitment during the building process ensures impeccable attention to detail. During the entire process, a superintendent and project manager uphold a daily communication channel with our clients. This leads us to guaranteeing constant communication to support our atmosphere of mutual respect.

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Tom Hawkes… 

started his career over 30 years ago under the guidance of LA’s top architects and designers, creating fine homes and renovations for clients in the entertainment and sports industries.

Tom grew closer to the South Bay in 2005 as a superintendent for Moloney Development. During this time, he created several award-winning homes on The Strand and Hill Section of Manhattan Beach. Because of Tom’s charisma, he earned partnerships with the area’s top architects, designers and subcontractors.

These relationships Tom has built are what he credits as a major factor in maintaining a successful building company. His easy-going personality and extensive construction and business background affirms his belief that building homes should be enjoyable for everyone.


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Custom Home Builders..

embracing intricate and detailed projects. We are experienced custom home builders in Palos Verdes Estates, Hermosa Beach and Manhattan Beach. We thrive on taking on challenging projects that require the highest level of ingenuity and craftsmanship. Our passion for building is evident in our commitment to never overlook a detail. 


has a special place in our hearts because this is where it all started for our company. We have simplified and perfected the remodeling process through our 20 years of experience in the field.

Typically, the most common challenge in starting a remodel is finding the availability of architects, builders and subcontractors. Our solution to this problem consists of utilizing our unique partnerships of expert staff of craftsmen, project managers and superintendents to guarantee full control of the quality, budget and flexibility of the project.

Our process begins with a site meeting to discuss ideas and project objectives. We take this feedback and either create a design with our in-house design team or collaborate with a client’s existing architectural design. From this, we create a budget and schedule for the homeowner to approve. Once these steps are taken and we’ve received approval from all parties, the project begins.

Our goal is to make the process as enjoyable as possible. We pride ourselves in maintaining a high level of communication and customer service with the client that we can support them through every step of the transformation of their home.

Home Maintenance…

doesn’t end when the project ends. Finding concierge services on a moment’s notice is difficult due to the high demand they experience. As a fellow neighbor, we always want to be there for our clients. This is why we continuously create availability for past and current clients to assist with home maintenance.

We tailor a custom maintenance plan for them on either a permanent or part-time basis. If there’s a problem with anything, a team member is ready to assist our clients the same day the request comes in.


The work we’ve done:

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