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TrustIntegrityRespectCommitment are the values ingrained into the fabric of Hawkes Custom Homes. Throughout the past two decades, we have been fortunate to work side by side with world-class architects, designers, engineers and artisans to build custom homes for the most discerning clients. Because of these professional partnerships, Hawkes Custom Homes continues to produce exceptional quality in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our commitment begins long before we start to build. At the beginning of the design process, we use our construction expertise to collaborate with architects, designers and engineers to enable our clients to meet their budgetary and scheduling goals. Our hands-on approach during the building process ensures our quality homes will have impeccable attention to detail. Each project has a dedicated project manager and superintendent working together to communicate on a daily basis with our clients. Because trust is the foundation of our relationship with our clients, we have an open-book policy. Our clients have access to all subcontractor and vendor information and documentation involved in their project. This transparency supports an atmosphere of mutual respect.

We have an extensive network of “A class” subcontractors and suppliers that are essential in creating a beautiful home. In addition, we have our own staff of artisans, including carpenters, cabinetmakers, and painters. Having our own employees allows us to manage quality and schedule when our sub-contractors are busy servicing other builders. Our integrity as a company is based on working together as a team. Hawkes Custom Homes is grateful to measure our success in lasting friendships and a positive reputation.

Owner Profile

Tom Hawkes has been designing and building homes, cabinets, and furniture for 30 years throughout the greater Los Angeles area. Under the guidance of LA’s top architects and designers, he worked extensively with clients in the entertainment and sports industries, and earned their trust by maintaining the confidentiality of these relationships. In 2005, Tom started building in the South Bay as a superintendent for Moloney Development. He gained local experience with several award-winning homes on The Strand and in the Sand and Hill sections of Manhattan Beach. During this time he established key partnerships with the area’s highest quality architects, designers, and subcontractors leading to the creation of Hawkes Custom Homes.  Additionally, Tom is also actively involved in the South Bay community as a volunteer and coach. He credits his relationships with families and friends as the major factor in maintaining a successful building company. Tom’s easy-going personality coupled with his construction and business background affirms his belief that the building process should be fun and enjoyable for everyone involved.


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Custom Homes – We have extensive experience building fine custom homes. Our passion for building is evident in every detail of our homes. We thrive on taking on challenging projects that require the highest level of ingenuity and craftsmanship.  Although we have built home all over the Los Angeles area we now focus our time building in the South Bay.

Remodeling – Remodeling homes has a special place in our hearts because this is where it all started for our company. With over 20 years of remodeling experience, we have perfected the process. One of the major problems in trying to start a remodel is finding the availability of architects, builders and subcontractors. Most of them are too busy, or just don’t want to take on a small project. We have found a solution by hiring an expert staff that can handle every aspect of the remodel. Our team gives us full control on the quality, as well as lowers the cost and increases the flexibility of the project.

Our process is simple. We first start with a site meeting to discuss project objectives. We take these ideas back to the office and either create a design with our in-house design team or work with a client’s existing architectural design. We will then create a budget and schedule. After all these factors are in place, and we have received approval from the owner, we will begin the project.

We understand that the many unknowns in remodeling can be challenging, but with our staff of craftsmen, project managers, and superintendents we can make the process more enjoyable. We pride ourselves on our high level of communication and customer service, and we will support you every step of the way to truly transform your home.

Home Maintenance – Over the years, we have always stayed connected with our clients and encourage them to continue to call on us for help. Because there is a high demand for a concierge service that can handle the small things that you don’t have time for, we tailor a custom maintenance plan for clients on either a permanent or part-time basis.

Many of our new customers have found that it is hard to find a handyman on a moment’s notice. With our services, when there’s a problem, we have someone on our team that can be there the same day.



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